Kulturforum Berlin

Auftraggeber: GRÜN Berlin GmbH
Architekt: Hans Scharoun
Fertigstellung: voraussichtlich 2019
Größe: 2,7 ha (Größe aller Teilbereiche)

The Kulturforum is a cultural hotspot as well as a documentation of the formerly divided city. Icons of architecture, the National Gallery by Mies van der Rohe and the philharmonics and the Berlin State Library by Hans Scharoun and the lovely church by F.A. Stüler, should accrete to an urban landscape when it comes to the idea of Scharoun himself. Despite a lot of competitions, the large open areas stayed as orderless fallow land. After years of stagnancy and various not realised competitions, in 2013 the designing of the open spaces of the Kulturforum started. The dominant traffic is pushed back which leaves Karajanstreet again as a quieter urban road. New attractive squares picture the open space of the Kulturforum. The newly developed open spaces are reserved to pedestrians. These spaces are communication points and recreational spaces as well as areas for exhibitions or open air concerts. The future Scharoun Square functions as a foyer for different culture groups.