Asian Garden – Grugapark Essen

Competition: 1st prize
Client: Grugapark Essen
Size: about 8000qm

The area is divided into two different characters: An introverted „hortus conclusus“ and an informal, open mountain garden. Small, Asian gardens are often enclosed by walls and hedges with gates and thresholds. The visitor should be able to forget „the world beyond“. The positive energies should - once they are all gathered at one place - not be able to fade away. For that reason, walls enclose the garden. Within the walls the garden design is based on a reduced number of design elements. Each element possesses its own symbolism, but at the same time fits into the ensemble. Counterpart of the „hortus conclusus“ is the informal, open mountain garden with its various scenes and winding pathways. Major design element in this area is the huge cherry tree grove. While the „hortus conclusus“ has just a reduced number of flowering plants according to Asian garden philosophies, the extensive mountain garden contains numerous cherry tree blossoms. Inside and outside, tradition and modernism are thus becoming visible to the visitors.