DuC Garden Expo Chingqing

Client: Goethe Institute Shanghai within the event series „Deutschland und China gemeinsam in Bewegung“ (DuC) zum Thema „nachhaltige Urbanisierung“
Artist: Markus Heinsdorff
completion: 2011
Size: 500 m2

The „Bamboo-Pavilion“ of the artist Markus Heinsdorff is situated in the centre of the DuC Garden that was built in China for the „8th International Garden Expo Chongqing 2011“ as a symbol of German-Chinese cooperation. The philosophy of the pavilion is reflected in the garden. A light grove of a very specific sort of bamboo, phyllostachys nigra, creates a contrast with its shiny black caulis to the bright bamboo structure of the pavilion. The loose leave roof surrounds the pavilion like a light mist; a lively atmosphere between light and shadow is created. A continuous surface of white gravel contrasts with black ashlars of Basalt, which enclose the garden, forming a small wall. As a reminiscence of the essential Chinese symbols “water” and “heaven”, “Heavenly Drops” are installed in the garden. Flat bowls made of shiny blue glass catch the rain and reflect the sky. At night time, they are illuminated from below, so it looks like a mysterious path in the bamboo forest. Together with a fine mist of water, these installations create an enchanting atmosphere.