Development Area Focus Freiham - Munich

Client: City of Munich
Architect: O.S.A. Ochs Schmidhuber
Completion: 2004
Size: 350 ha

The expansion of Munich´s western settlement area near "Gut Freiham" has been subject of various planning projects and competitions since the 1980s. In 2003 an expert study of the industrial site of "Freiham Süd" was made. It was suggested to remodel not only the existing but also the greater landscape area. Extending planning focuses over the actual lots, which are separated by open spaces and tree plantings, an extensive re-modelling of landscape was suggested. The "innovation forest" will be developed as an independent zone between the spacious industrial and service sites in which individual parcels for special use will be located. This forest consists of a spacious grid of pine trees and wild meadows that create a distinct atmosphere in the new town.