Arthrex Firmensitz Freihamm

Client: Artrex GmbH
Architect: O.S.A
Completion: 2014
Size: 9500 m2

The new building is embedded in a wild flower meadow, which reaches to the building to the south and west. Neighbouring tree quarters with fruit trees answer to the design along the western property boundary. This interlinks the building with its surroundings. The outdoor facilities have a generous and open appearance. The south and centre yards on the ground floor open up to the landscape are created spaciously. The basic idea was to bring the surrounding meadow landscape into the yards as a visually attractive and high-quality designed garden form with the help of grasses. For a pleasant living environment, wooden decks as well as water basins have been integrated, which allow a very slim design due to the use of stainless steel. Apple and pear trees form a delicate leaf-and-flowering roof in the courtyards. As a further element, gravel surfaces are introduced that take the gritty environment into account and complete the design. The northern courtyard receives a high-quality paving where the rhythem is set by ligaments. Strips are integrated with ground cover planting and grasses, which are drawn through by hedge blocks. The connection to the ground floor is formed by a stairway system, which is divided into planting strips as well as gravel surfaces.