Botanischer Garten Shanghai

Client: Chenshan Botanical Garden Shanghai Project Team
Valentien Design Group: Valentien + Valentien Landscape Architects and Urban Planners SRL, Straub + Thurmayr Landscape Architects, Auer + Weber + Assoziierte GmbH Architects
Completion: 2010
Size: about 200 ha

Chenshan Botanic Garden – Shanghai, China The approximately 200 ha site is located in an agriculturally used landscape, about 30 km from the center of Shanghai. Nine hills, which are used as local recreation areas mark the scenery. The new Botanical Garden will be used as research center by the University, but at the same time will also work as an important recreational park. 30,000 visitors are expected per day. A strong design intervention has been necessary to create a recognizable location within this flat and heterogeneous surrounding. A wide, sculptural modeled ring surrounds both, the inner garden and one of the hills, like a bowl. The ring stands for the world, in the inner area mountain, water and sky are the dominating spatial themes. On top of the up to 14 m high ring with its slopes and planes a "plant-geographic walk" leads through the laurel-forests of all continents. The center of the garden is formed by an approximately 18 ha area with lakes, where water plants are presented in a natural and artistic way. Finally about 30 island-like theme gardens show the botanical diversity of blooming and green plants.