Botanischer Garten Datong

Client: Datong Urban Planning Bureau
Architects: Sauerbruch Hutton
Engineers: Buro Happold International
Fertigstellung: -
Size: 137 ha

The aim of the Botanic Garden Datong is to exhibit the great variety of botanic communities and their habitats in an aesthetical as well as ecological way. At the same time, the Botanic Garden is intended to rediscover the specific landscape of Datong, to accentuate its individual character and to increase its recreational value. The design concept of the garden is adapted to local conditions and to the climate of Datong. Plants from all over the world that match to the local conditions will be collected and issued. On the edge of the slope, there are several greenhouses open to the public with exotic plants, special exhibitions and restaurants. Besides enjoying the beauty of the plants, people can also learn about useful aspects. The garden should awaken an understanding for the earth´s ecosystems, the importance of a sustainable land use and for a dilligent consumption of water and soil.