Strukturkonzept Berlin-Brandenburg

In collaboration with: Institute for Regional Development and Structural Planning IRS, Berlin
Office for town planning and urban research, Dortmund
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Regional Structure Concept Berlin Brandenburg In 1990, immediately after the fall of the Wall, the countries Brandenburg and Berlin assigned a regional re-structuring concept. It encompassed eight adjacent districts in addition to Berlin and Potsdam, from Oranienburg to Königswurterhausen and from Nauen to Fürstenwalde. It was necessary to develop a concept of an economically, socially and ecologically functional region as a framework for future land use. The survey “Regional Structure Concept“ consists of a spatially integrated concept based on the potential for natural space as well as on the cultural or historical structures, which shape this landscape. It proposes a spatial model with city borders, urban axes and an emphasis on settlement arranged by a system of regional parks. The intention was to secure recreational space, the water supply and climatic regeneration for this new conurbation on a long-term basis.