Emscher Landschaftspark

Auftraggeber: Emscher Landscape Park 2010 Art and Park
Master plan with Mischa Kuball and Florian Matzner 2004
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Emscher Landscape Park 2010 A master plan was drawn in continuation of the IBA Emscherpark for the Emscher region. In this context, one of the seven lots, “Art and Park“, was further developed. “Nature and Landscape“ emerged as the principal topic of artistic discussion. The nearly 60km long Island, which is bounded by the Emscher and the canal, will serve as showroom. Through ten years of exhibition, the island will be transformed by the artwork exhibited and will become the real and intellectual bond that connects the so called “Emscherraum”. An adapted freighter ship will serve as exhibition center, art studio and meeting place for the area and will anchor at different locations for the period of one year.