LfU Augsburg

Client: Bavarian Agency for Land Development and Environmental Issues
Architects: Wimmer + Wimmer (Design), Kaupp, Jesse, Scholz (Implementation Planning)
Completion: 1999
Size: 50,700 m2

Bavarian Environment Agency - Augsburg The new Bavarian environment agency is located in the southern periphery of Augsburg, close to the river Lech. The design concept interprets these boundary conditions and produces a multitude of different free spaces and habitats. Near the buildings, a garden atmosphere envelops one and invites you to rest. The transition from the landscape area to the architecture incorporates natural elements such as meadows, seams, bosks and fruit trees as well as architecturally shaped elements such as water basins, clipped hedges, formal tree plazas and footbridges. The variety of habitats and a wide spectrum of green and recycled building materials serve as scientific demonstration.