Alois Alzheimer Garden

Competion: 2003
Client: Münchener Rückversicherung (Munich Re)
Architect: Kiessler + Partner GmbH
Completion: 2003
Size: 1.300 m2

A 19th century mansion sits on the bank of the Eisbach, the garden steep, feral, shady and wet, the view into the English Garden was overgrown and the banks barely presentable. For the Münchener Rückversicherungs-Gesellschaft a guest house and a dormitory for scholars from all over the world were built. Between the mansion and a slim tower construction a hill is situated which shows distinctive contour lines. Broad marble edges underline the relief in a playful way reminding of Mediterranean terraces. A diagonal stairway, made of long concrete pedestals, connects the street level with lower lying terraces. Bright pavements and the lowering of the side wall let the space of the terraces appear lighter. The result is a space for recreation and celebration that embraces the atmosphere of the water from the English Garden.