Songnan Country Park

The city of Shanghai is developing 5 large regional parks in its periphery. They will act as ecological compensation areas dividing and stabilising the mega city  at the same time providing outdoor recreation rooms for people. The Songnan Huangpu River Country Park is located in the southern part of the Sonjiang district and at the moment is dominated by small scale agriculture, and numerous villages. At the same time, massive air pollution, agriculture waste water and untreated sewage water impose a great threat to the most important water protection zone of Shanghai.

In this project there was no final image designed, rather a complex long-term development strategy. A differentiated concept of water purification is also used as an aesthetic motif of the village development, the thriving water gardens and direct marketing of the products are part of the recreation area. Three different lines run through the landscape: The yellow urban stripe with public spaces and life science center, the red stripe through the agricultural landscape and the green natural belt along the riverbank.


Competition 1st prize | Deutsche Planungsgruppe Valentien | Valentien + Valentien Landschaftsarchitekten und Stadtplaner SRL | Anna Viader St├Ądtebau Architektur Landschaft